Angelica Weatherby

Writer, Fantasy, and Dreamweaver. This site is where fantasy is a reality.


The surreal world of fantasy shall come alive here. My name is Angelica Weatherby. My other pen name I go by is Delaine Charmossa (for High or Dark fantasy). My world is full of darkness, dragons, and creatures of the night. The world as we know it is crumbling, soon to be consumed in fire. Heaven is for those who are pure and holy. The spiritual battle/war is happening every day. Good always triumph over evil. If I have favorite characters I will add them here, giving a link to their own personal websites. This includes any drawings/sketches I have come up for describing them as well. All personal drawings will be found in my gallery. Favorite websites will be in my links page. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. Currently I am in college with at least five classes per semester. Feel free to sign in my guestbook.

 Warning: Template and such might change as I have the tools to customize a website... hopefully in a very artistic manner. August 18,2011 update.

Websites I own That's this website of course. Just for fun and to experiment with what I can do. It makes NaNoWriMo worth entering- besides the challenges that is involved. Be aware I will slowly work on it when I have time.